Our factory is specialized in production and leasing of welding machines to welding tanks.

Our knowledge we have acquired since 1985 in welding of tanks at construction sites in different countries and expended in the own factory.

We use the submerged arc welding in the area of the tank bottom and for welding the circumferential weld seams, as well as we use flux cored arc welding for welding the vertical weld seams of a tank.

We have the necessary equipment in our possession, starting with a distributing switchboard to establishing the supply network, the automatic machine for bottom welding to weld butt and fillet welds, the automatic welding machine, selective one head or double head machines for welding the circumferential weld seams, an automat with average-position action for welding vertical weld seams, up to the automats for Gas Tungsten-Arc-Welding with cold feeding of wire and much more besides.

All repairs are accomplished by us in a short time.

We are agency of a prominent wire and flux manufacturer, so that we can take over also the supply of welding consumables and welding accessories.

For further questions we are to you gladly at the disposal.